Welcome to Hull Paintball

(also known as Woolaball)

We provide AFFORDABLE quality paintball

Care for the environment and wildlife is a priority -

check our environment statement in FAQ



We will take the 'comparison.com' challenge any day.


Extra paintballs ONLY £6 PER 100 (most other sites £7.50 )



£8 per person


  Deals from £15 per person

Includes game fee, play equipment and

200 paintballs - 8 -10 games - extra paintballs still ONLY £6 per 100



2500 paintballs in total to share - MORE GROUPS DEALS in 'Prices'



£150 FOR 2 -10 PLAYERS

For age 9 + A new exciting low impact alternative to regular paintball

Introductory offer only £150 for 10 players –unlimited paintballs.

Regular paintball

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200 Shot semi automatic paintball gun - eye,ear,face goggle system - protective snood - body armour - coveralls

( average min age must be 11 - please go to FAQ for more info on min age )


 NEW ! Low impact Splat master paintball NEW !

 Age 9 - adult 

For age 9 – Adult - A new exciting low impact alternative to regular paintball

Introductory offer only £150 for 10 players –unlimited paintballs

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WALK ON PLAYERS WELCOME click prices for info

CO 2 GAS BOTTLE REFILLS Contact Us for details


Unlike other paintball sites that claim to be in Hull, Hull Paintball (used to be known as woolaball paintball), are actually based within the Hull area - our postcode is HU12 0BJ if you wish to check for yourself!

Our playing field is designed for fast action and intimate battles that put you straight into the action. If you come to Hull Paintball to play paintball games, you won't spend best part of the day walking between playing arenas.

Our games and rules are designed to ensure you spend the maximum amount of time in the game, and less time sitting around waiting to shoot some paint!

Hull Paintball™, is an independent paintball arena situated near Hull, not far from Hedon.
Our Mission Statement:

  • To Provide Affordable, Quality Paintballing
  • To Give You The Customer the Best Paintballing Experience For Your Money

Hull Paintball™ is the only paintballing venue on the north bank of the Humber and offers action-packed, arena style paintballing designed specifically for an adrenaline pumping experience.
No waiting around in long grass or lost in the woods.

  • Ultimate Urban Warzone
  • Unlimited Lives
  • 200 Shot Semi-Automatic Guns
  • The Terminator and Punisher Await You
  • Stag/Hen Parties welcome
  • Birthday party hire
  • Work Do's (Shoot the boss!)
  • Corporate Team Building Sessions (Again - shoot the boss!)
  • Fun Days or Fundraisers

Having the chance to shoot your close ones or work colleagues can be quite an opportunity; therefore Hull Paintball™ gladly welcomes corporate events, stag/hen parties, birthdays, or just a fun day out with family or friends.

Our rest area offers enough space even for the largest of parties, plus the extra bonus of light refreshments for all to enjoy. During your lunch break you can also choose to have a light lunch ordered in.

Have you thought about using HULL Paintball™ to host a Fund Raising event for a charity or cause of your choice? Contact us for more details.

Now Open weekdays and evenings!
play paintball after work or school


Hull Paintball give all our players 100 FREE paintballs - just for choosing to play at our site. No need for vouchers, groupons, or other misleading deals! ---------- We believe in offering great value affordable paintball games in Hull, and hate to see customers being misled by silly voucher deals that mean they have to travel miles to play paintball games, or pay a fortune for extra paint balls, and spend most their time waiting to play or walking between fields. ---------- Come to Hull Paintball and experience the adrenaline rush that playing paintball can give, without it costing the earth! ----------

Group Deal!

£150 = 2500 Balls

(To share between 2-10 Players)

SplatMaster Group Deal

£150 = UNLIMITED Balls

(Up to 10 Players - additional players £15 Per Person)
Individual Game Price £20 Per Person

For more 'Group Deals' go to prices