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Everyone welcome to the ultimate combat paintball arena 

  • Stag party, Hen party and Birthday party
  • Adult and junior sports teams
  • Youth organisations
  • Scouts/guides/cubs
  • Corporate and work groups
  • Walk On players (players could play paintball with own gun and equipment) 

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Paintballing services
Paintballing services

What do we offer?

Hulls only Paintball Site

Hull Paintball site, is an independent paintball arena situated near Hull, not far from Hedon.

Our Mission Statement:

  • To Provide Affordable, Quality Paintballing
  • To Give You The Customer the Best Paintballing Experience For Your Money

Unlike other paintball sites that claim to be in Hull, Hull Paintbal site (woolaball paintball), is actually based within the Hull area, 8.5 miles East of Hull - our postcode is HU12 0BJ if you wish to check for yourself!

Our paintball playing field is designed for fast action and intimate battles that put you straight into the action. When you come to Hull Paintball site you will not spend best part of your day walking between playing zones. 

The action on any paintball site takes place in the middle when opposing team engage each other, this why our start po and re-spawn points are not too far apart - 'walking time is shooting time'.

Our paintball games are structured to ensure you spend the maximum amount of time in the paintball game, and less time sitting around waiting to shoot some paint!

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