For every 10 players you book and play on the day we will give you 500 free bonus paintballs worth £37.50

Using a Paintball ticket/voucher vendor is significantly more expensive than booking direct. Most vendors offer a free 100 paintballs … We at Hull paintball site believe in choice, we want you to get the best value for money paintball deal, so we will give each player a total of 100 free paintballs when you book direct with us.

Intense, Urban, compact speedball site V Large sprawling paintball site. From the perspective of the player - the participant...size is not everything- quality over quantity. Can you imagine playing tennis on a court the size of a football pitch ? Playing Rugby/football on a pitch ten times larger ? Boxing in a boxing ring the size of...

Christmas is coming, what better kick start to your Christmas celebration than to gather up your friends or work colleagues and engage in a game of paintball.



During the last few games of the session we offer players the chance to buy 100 paintballs for only £5 rrp £7.50 so they can finish off their session with a bang !!

Discount Day is coming.. D-Day will be the first Sunday in every month. ONLY £ 5 for 100 paintballs 30% discount.