Frequently asked questions

Hull Paintball site is affiliated to the Hull & East Riding Paintball Sports Federation. (TBA )

We are a fully insured, adventure-combat paintball arena that specialises in affordable paintballing for groups aged 11 years old to adult. 8 yrs + for low impact.


Rental paintball

Rental paintball is when the general public rent equipment and purchase a package to play paintball

Walk on paintball

A Walk on player is a player who possesses their own equipment and gun

What is Paintball?

Paintball is an all weather 'extreme' sporting activity. Played in teams the idea is to accomplish the mission or task. One example is to capture the opposing teams flag, return it to your own base and eliminate the other team by splatting them with paintballs fired from your gun.

Regular/high IMPACT paintball - .68 cal  paintball ( weight of ball 3 grams ), semi automatic, 200 shot paintball gun, 280 fps

Medium IMPACT .50 cal paintball ( weight of ball 1.25 grams ) , semi automatic, 100 -200 shot paintball gun. 280 fps

Low impact -Gotcha - .50 cal paintball, pump action paintballs gun, 110 fps

What is a Paintball Gun?

A paintball gun/marker is a gun that uses CO2 gas or Air to fire a spherical paintball. Paintball guns can either be pump action or semi automatic i.e. once the bolt is cocked back it is just a matter of pulling the trigger for rapid, continuous fire. Low impact Splat master guns are pump action spring loaded. We currently offer medium and high impact paintball guns, both guns are the same style, same power, same speed except the medium impact shoots a smaller paintball. medium impact hurts a little bit less than large impact , however we have found medium impact is slightly more accurate due to using a smaller paintball. Also medium impact packages and paintballs are cheaper.

Does it Hurt and is it Dangerous?

It all depends on where, how close and how much clothing you're wearing. Some times you won't feel a thing. Worst-case scenario is it's like been flicked with a very wet towel. As with any 'extreme' sport 'especially one that involves firing projectiles at one another does involve a degree of risk & danger, however as long the safety equipment is worn and the site rules and marshals instructions are obeyed then the danger is minimal. Low impact paintball is less power, worst case scenario is its like been flicked with a finger or elastic band.

NOTE: Some paintball sites promote what we call Medium impact paintball as low impact paintball. We feel this is very misleading. Both high and medium impact paintball guns shoot paintballs at approximately the same speed ( unless they have been turned down) 190 MPH !! Medium impact paintballs fired at this speed can hurt, they do sting and they can leave bruises all be it not as much as high impact - However we think medium impact paintballs are more accurate because they are smaller.


How Big are Paintballs? Are they Poisonous? Does the Paint Wash off?

Paintballs are .68 calibre, roughly the same diameter as a 1p piece. Low impact paintballs are .50 calibre. They are comprised of a gelatine skin filled with water-soluble biodegradable non-toxic paint that washes off. Paintballs immediately begin to disintegrate when they come into contact with any moisture.

Woolaball / endeavour to supply the most environmentally friendly paintball available to our customers. Our paintballs are made here in the UK, and are excellent quality - we do not buy cheap, low quality paintballs. This is better for you as the customer and the environment.

Can Anyone Play Paintball? Ages.

Yes, male, female, young or old can enjoy paintballing. However paintballing can be physically demanding so we advise any player who has any doubts about their fitness or ability to play to see a doctor first. Players under the age of 18 yrs must have the permission of their parents or guardian, (Proof of age may be requested). Minimum age is 7 years old for low impact ( we can accept younger players as long as they can prime the gun ), for regular paintball we prefer an average age of 11 years. For those aged under 11 our low impact paintball is the perfect alternative choice. Consent forms for Under 18s will be supplied upon request.

Paintball equipment

Rental players will be issued with mandatory full face, ear and eye protection goggles, non mandatory Body protection, non mandatory Snood, non mandatory coveralls. Player are permitted to wear their own clothing as long as their arms and legs remain covered.  Larger customers are encouraged to bring their own clothing in the event site issue coveralls will not fit them.  Players who use their own equipment and clothing accept full responsibility for any breakages, damage or staining. Gloves are available for rent and sale.

What do I Need to Bring with me?

Even though overalls are provided they are not mandatory, players can wear their own clothing as long as their arms and legs are covered. Also in practical terms we'd advise a change of clothing or a warm coat at least. Also sturdy footwear with ankle support and protective gloves for additional protection. If possible also a bring hat. Finally most important is to bring with you a sense of humour. NB The Paintball Arena can be muddy if it's been raining. At such times, expect to get muddy. It is recommended that you bring two pairs of footwear one with GOOD tread and ankle support to change into as soon as you arrive - the other to wear off site . Plimsolls and trainers i.e footwear with little grip/tread is not recommended for wet/muddy/icy conditions.

How Long will it last and how many Paintballs will I need?

Sessions last as long as your paintballs. A generous estimate of roughly 100 -200 paintballs per hour.

Our sessions are three hours duration, during this session we play on average play 8 - 10 games. 95% of our customers book our 3 hour session and are satisfied with three hours full on intense paintball. Customers may book a full day 6 hour session in which we play 15 -20 games however you must book a minimum Silver package. note ; A £5 additional expense is charged to book a full day session however you must inform us at the point of booking. Bear in mind the following ( more games = more spend. 100 or 500 paintballs may not last a full day. Our Bronze individual solo package  and Bronze group package are three hour sessions. Full day bookings are subject to Woolaball's discretion and availability.

How do I Organise a Game of Paintball?

First thing is to read the information provided on this site, then give us a call. You'll be asked the time and date when you wish to play, also to estimate the number of people playing and which paintball package you wish to book. Then you send payment. Once we have received your payment your game will be confirmed, it's just a matter of turning up to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush. Bookings must be made by a person of 18 years or over.

Game day: 

DO NOT ENTER THE SITE  without permission of the game manager. When you arrive at the entrance gate you will be required to sign our informed consent/pre play agreement . Under 18's will hand their parents informed consent forms to the game manager. you will be escorted into the safe zone/rent area. A comprehensive safety brief /induction will be given and you will be required to sign a confirmation that you fully understand the induction. Next you will be issued your play equipment. When the session finishes the organiser will be issued an itemised bill. The organiser will collect all money and give it to the game manager. All accounts will be settled preferably by BAC/ bank transfer or cash after play has finished.  It is the responsibility of the organiser to make sure all players settle their accounts before leaving the site.

Can we bring our own food and drink:

NO. Only food and drink purchased on the premises can be consumed on the premises

Birthday cakes and party food are permitted. You will be required to take your rubbish off site. No BBQs, cooking stoves or open fires are permitted.

Can we order lunch?

Food can be ordered in by one of our food supply affiliates. These are made fresh to order by a local cafe and delivered fresh to our site. You will be required to take your rubbish off site

Do you sell refreshments?

We provide a well stocked tuck shop. We charge a flat rate for all items. Stock varies but usually comprises at least, Mars, Snickers, Kit-Kat, Cadbury's chocolate bars, crisps, bottled water and cans of fizzy drinks. In a nut shell our sessions are usually full on, we try fit in as much shooting time and play as many games as possible, when we take a break this is usually a pit stop to refuel, take a drink, clean goggles, bit of banter then back on the field- its is not a period to put your feet up and take a nap.

How do I get to Hull Paintball?

From Hull, travel east along the A1033 towards Withernsea, turn left at Ottringham and head towards Halsham. Hull Paintball™ is on the right hand side before you reach Halsham village. If you reach the Farm Shop, you have gone too far!

A large sign with PAINTBALL will indicate you have found us

Is Car Parking Available?

Most customers park on the verge along Northend road near the site entrance, customers park at their own risk. There is limited hard standing parking available at the entrance to the site, customers park at their own risk - Hull Paintball™ accept no responsibility for any damage to, or theft from any vehicle. Additional parking is available along the verge just off site.

Medium impact paintball.

Medium impact paintball is the cross over point between low impact and normal paintball. Air powered semi automatic paintball gun using a .50 caliber paintball - shoots fast less pain.

Low impact paintball. About Gotcha & JT Splat Master low impact pump action guns

Gotcha & JT SplatMaster paintball is an active, shooting activity with a 7 + age rating. Gotcha & JT SplatMaster are low impact products that shoot colour filled round Ammo resulting in a Splat. The Ammo is .50 caliber, 100% biodegradable, non toxic, resists stains, and easily washes away with water. The spring loaded Gotcha & JT SplatMaster shoot up to 100+ feet, shoot at a velocity of 110-140 feet per second ( Normal paintball guns shoot at 280 feet per second ) and have marksman accuracy up to 50 feet. Safe, fun, accurate! Gotcha guns are fitted with a 110 shot magazine  & JT SplatMaster a 50 shot magazine.

Gotcha/Splatmaster Rules

  • Goggles are mandatory
  • Body armour is optional
  • Players can play in their own clothes however arms and legs must be covered
    (long sleeved shirts and long trousers are ok - strictly no, T shirts, vests, shorts or 3/4 shorts)
  • Gloves are optional players can rent gloves or bring their own

60 - 90 minute Splat 

For those players and parents who would prefer a shorter paintball session. Less rests, longer games. Kit out, induction, gun brief and play


Means Discount Day. Usually the first Saturday or Sunday of the month were all paintballs are sold at the discount price of £5 per 100. To participate £10 game fee must be paid per player and booking is mandatory. 

Happy hour

Subject to the game managers discretion happy hour is an option to buy discount paintballs during the last few games. This allows players to finish their session with a blast.

Drinks policy

Some customers have been known to conceal alcohol in soft drink and water containers. 

Those found drinking or under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs are asked to leave the site. 

So to ensure no alcohol is brought on site all drinks must be purchased from our on site shop.  

Pre-payment discount

Hull paintball always try to offer our customers a great price. We offer a pre payment discount as a gratuity to those customers who are prepared to show commitment and pre pay. 

Drop in players 

Drop in players are those players who have not confirmed a booking and  turn up at the gate to play. 

Environment policy

We take our attitude to the environment and wildlife very serious.

  • Over 50% of our area has been set aside to provide a habitat for wildlife
  • Every year we plant trees and shrubs
  • Trees ,shrubs medicinal herbs and flowers have been planted or allowed to grow.
  • Regular sightings of Pheasants, deer, rabbits, moles ,crows, barn owl and other birds of prey are common. In addition insects are abundant.
  • We have created numerous dead wood piles to provide a habitat for insects, birds and small mammals.
  • The site also plays host to mice, rats and other rodents -but we must remember the countryside is their habitat and we must share it with them - Rest assured our premises are regularly cleaned, inspected. Our policy is simply to discourage them from our public area by removing their access points and any man made food source - WE DO NOT USE POISON !
  • We control vegetation in the play area by mowing and strimming - WE DO NOT USE WEED KILLER !
  • Our gas propellant is AIR 
  • All our barricades have been constructed using reclaimed timber products or sustainable sources.
  • Our power usage is minimal and constitutes the use of a petrol generator for brief periods, We also use solar lighting.
  • We conducted a great deal of market research to find the most environmentally friendly 'oil free' paintball.
  • Our toilet is a bio loo , we recycle waste products, let nature take its course and use as fertilizer for our trees and shrubs

Do you have any more questions? Do not hesitate to contact us 


Our sessions run for 60-90 minutes and are designed for first time throwers, however novice/intermediate and experienced throwers are welcome.

Our throwing area is open plan with four throwing lanes which can accommodate 6- 8 players. Players throw upon command of the game manager.

Before you pick up an axe you will be given a safety induction and instruction how to throw the axe.

Can you hold a slot for me please?

Unfortunately we do not take reservations or deposits, Full payment is required at the time of booking.

Can I cancel or change my booking?

If your booking is more than 1 week away, then we are able to reschedule your session.

All bookings are non-refundable once purchased, so we do recommend you ensure you're able to attend. However should you get in contact with us within the time frame we can issue you gift vouchers to rebook.


Once a booking has been made, it is non-refundable. However, we can reschedule the booking if there is 1 weeks notice.

Can we call you?

Yes, on 07974630094, we do prefer text messages

Can we pay a deposit and pay the rest on the day?

We do not take deposits and do ask that all customers pay in full upon booking, we cannot reserve spaces or lanes, as this is unfair on other guests that may wish to attend.

What if I turn up late?

We advise you to arrive 15 minutes before the session starts as you need to complete a health and safety waiver. Our instructors will then start a Health & Safety brief. If you arrive late for this brief unfortunately you will not be able to throw in that session due to instructor being in the throwing area with other groups and unable to run the brief again.

What do I do if I haven't received my confirmation?

If you have not received your booking confirmation don't worry! Send a message

Can we have a private function? And book the whole venue?

Yes , we can arrange exclusive booking of our throwing area. However we requirea minimum number of throwers.

Can I bring my own axe?

No – we only throw Hatchet Harry's axes in our venues, we want to keep it fair for everyone. However once you have completed your first 90 minute session you can come along to our walk-on sessions and throw your own axe once it has been checked over by a member of our team.

How long is a session?

Our sessions last 90 minutes with a safety brief included

Can this activity accommodate my disability?

Axe throwing is an easily accessible sport for everyone. Our instructors will do everything they can to ensure you can throw the axe. If you can lift your arm above your head you'll be able to throw an axe. We suggest sending a message through our support page or social media pages if you have any other questions. Please bear in mind our throwing area is located outdoors under cover so the ground conditions could be wet and muddy and not suitable for wheelchairs or walking aides

Can I play if I'm pregnant?

We strongly recommend that you do not participate in Axe throwing if you are pregnant. We totally understand that you would be safe enough to throw axes however we do not want you to be in a compromising position as this activity can be quite strenuous and your safety is our utmost priority.

What should I wear?

We ask that you wear sensible footwear applicable for outdoor conditions –even though our throwing area is under cover the access to this area is over open ground which can become muddy and wet in winter - No open toed shoes, Sandals, High Heels or wedges. Please do wear anything overly tight fitting. We want you to be comfortable throwing your axe! An outdoor coat in winter is recommended.

Do I have to listen to the instructors?

Yes – Our instructors know what they're doing and are trained in keeping everyone safe while having fun. Anyone ignoring instructions or putting themselves or others at risk, will be asked to leave the venue.

Can we drink alcohol on site?

Alcohol is not permitted in our venue. Anyone thought to be under the influence will not be allowed to take part, and will be asked to leave – and no refunds will be given.

Do you sell food and drink?

we stock soft drinks, water, juice, hot drinks, assortment of chocolate and crisps on site. All drinks must be purchased from our shop but you are welcome to bring your own food and cake as long as you take home all your own rubbish.

I have an injury, can I still take part?

We advise that you consult your doctor if you have any concerns about your ability to throw axes. If you have been given the go ahead from your doctor please inform your instructor of your injury in order for them to help adequately should a situation arise. When you sign the axe throwing informed consent you confirm you are fit to throw.

Is it hard?

Axe throwing is fairly easy. Our instructors will take you through everything you need to know to throw your first axe. However you will be learning a new skill and it can take a short while for the instruction to fully develop. Just keep throwing!

Can we have a lane to ourselves?

We cannot guarantee you will be in a lane by yourself. Our throwing area has 4 lanes, and each cage can hold up to 6- 8 people. Having a lane to yourself depends upon how busy we are in the session

My group is too large for one lane, can we still play?

Yes, we can still get you throwing but the group will be split across more than one lane. Select your desired start times when making a booking.

Can we book a session outside of the times listed online?

Yes, please contact the site directly and we will work with you to get you on the lanes.

Can I book tickets for today?

Yes , if we have availability!

Do you sell tickets on the door? 

Yes, If you give us notice and if we have availability. We strongly recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

Can we just turn up ? 

NO .We strongly recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment. see above.

Do I need to arrive on time?

Yes, we do ask all players to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the session to allow for checking in.

Is the venue pet-friendly?

No pets are allowed.

Can we wear fancy dress?

Yes . We only ask you to keep in mind our other guests, if your costume is offensive or causing distress to other players you'll be asked to remove it. Your costume must also be safe to throw axes.

Do you have parking?

We do not have on-site parking but there is plenty of road side parking

Is it OK for someone to spectate?

Not usually , however this will be at the game mangers discretion. A £5 charge is made for spectators and throwers are given priority for seating. If you want to bring spectators then call us first.-Please do not just turn up and expect spectators will be permitted entry especially if the venue is full.

Is axe throwing safe?

If throwers obey the rules and game mangers instructions then yes. However no activity that involves throwing axes or shooting can guarantee it is 100% safe. Axes will only be ever thrown down empty lanes under the supervision of the game manager. Our throwing area is a grass area with bark chippings so it is very unlikely axes will not bounce off the ground. Safety is our highest priority and we are continually reviewing and updating our practices to prevent any dangerous situations before they occur.

Is this for 18's and over only?

No, anyone over 10 can play.

Can just me and my friend come and throw ?

Yes, depending how busy we are you could have your own lane, but no guarantees