Low impact paintball 

for Kids & Adults

Kids paintball
Kids paintball

Age 7 to adult 

Safety of Kids Paintball

Due to the lower age limit we acknowledge extra vigilance is required. Children will be children and we want to ensure your children remain safe during their low impact paintball session. Kids paintball is less power, the worst case scenario is its like been flicked with a finger or elastic band. 

Our low impact paintball gun is a pump action shotgun, no compressed air involved. These guns are less powerful therefore less impact, less pain, less bruising so it is safer for the younger kids. Our low impact paintball arena is the perfect game zone.

Tanks, Helicopter, Forts, Towers, Bunkers and an assortment of other barricades sets the stage for Low impact paintball .

The layout of our play arena and viewing area ensures children are not too far away, out of sight of parents and adult supervisors.  

Not just for kids, adults/parents/coaches can play too. In fact players of all ages can enjoy by all ages. 

This is the ultimate activity and perfect choice for birthdays, youth sports teams, cadets, scouts, guides, boys brigade and all youth organisations. 


Low impact paintball is the next stage, next run up the ladder, next level of progression from Nerf and laser guns. As with any progression the excitement, frill, fun and enjoyment progresses. From low impact players then progress to full paintball.

Youth organisations

Incorporate it into a training /attendance night, active rest. 

Poor performance, poor form, things become stale, motivation/enthusiasm  low ? then an alternative activity could be the fix all.

Reward your youth members 

Low impact paintballs are .50 calibre .05inch diameter They are comprised of a gelatine skin filled with water-soluble biodegradable non-toxic paint that washes off. Paintballs immediately begin to disintegrate when they come into contact with any moisture. We supply the most environmentally friendly paintballs available to our customers. Our paintballs are excellent quality - we do not buy cheap, low quality paintballs. This is better for you as the customer and the environment.

Low impact paintball is a great choice for Kids paintball and adults- It's safe and customized for kids game, organized according to their needs and abilities. We organize games in a way that everyone would be fun and exciting. Paintball for kids is very interesting entertainment idea, active sport and relaxing.

Sports teams & Youth organisations

low impact paintball is a great activity for youth sports teams, youth organisations, cadets, scouts etc. It provides a great opportunity for Adult parents and leaders to join in and enjoy an activity with kids.

Adult too can book low impact paintball 

Are you looking for kids party ideas? Kids paintball is one of the most engaging activities where everyone becomes a true hero. Realistic barricades create a sense of excitement and reality which enhances your experience. 

Kids paintball is a great  present  and choice for your kids birthday party

Drag the kids OFF the sofa, OFF the game consoles, OFF the mobile phones and get their blood pumping in the fresh air.

Kids paintball is a game and a sport in one, so if your kids love C.O.D, Medal of Honour your kids will love this ! Equipped with 50-100 shot magazine pump action shotgun style paintball gun running about shooting paintballs at their friends is the ultimate experience. 

Our C.O.Dlets love paintball. 

Low impact paintball kit

  • Goggle
  • Body armour (if requested)
  • Player provide their own clothing
  • Arm and legs must covered

*Children aged to 14 years must be accompanied by at least one supervising adult, who must remain on site at all times