Fear and anxiety about the possibility of catching covid-19 has become  a major consideration for people who want to recreate themselves. i.e 'will i be safe'. 

In our opinion paintball is perhaps one of the most covid-19 safe recreation activities there is.


We want you to feel safe and comfortable while having some great exciting fun. So rest assured during 2020 we have taken measures to safeguard our customers,

1. We have removed all unnecessary wall partitions and doors to make our 'seated safe zone sheltered area' open plan. This area now has lot of ventilation and free flowing fresh air. 

2. Seating arrangements now reflect the need to socially distance. We now have  6 separate bubble areas two meters apart, each area has 6 seats so we can comply with the 'Rule of 6'.  In addition this also allows us to individually seat up to 20 players at 2 meter spacings.

3. Located within our seated safe zone sheltered area are four hand sanitizing stations - we suggest players regularly sanitize their hands.

4. New working practices i.e A one way entry & exit system.  Every procedure from handing out and handing in kit, Tuck shop, entering and exiting the Armory and play area, re-gassing the guns, re-loading the guns will be performed individually within your group of 6.

5. All players will be given their own safety goggle, paintball gun and equipment for the day. Each player will store their goggle and gun on their own personally numbered peg and rack. These will be sprayed with sanitizer in between each games.

6. During the game our game marshals will sometimes have to touch or handle players goggles or paintball guns, whether to clean , adjust , reload or re-gas. Our marshals will sanitize their hands before they touch any players goggle or gun.

7. Playing paintball by default encourages social distancing greater than 2 meters otherwise you get shot. 

8. No physical contact

9. Don't shoot any player closer than 8 meters for rental paintball, 3 meters for low impact paintball

10. We have also changed some of our game formats to reduce the likelihood of making physical contact with another players

11. The covid-19 guidelines state that the risk of contacting covid-19 is greater if you socially engage with another person within 2 meters for a duration of 15 minutes or more. We feel the probability of coming into contact with another player for a duration of 15 minutes or more is extremely remote, and will only happen if both players want it to happen.

We hope our precautions reassure you and breath confidence into you so you will book paintball.