In complying with government guidance.... Until further notice or until we receive the green light we regret we will not be accepting bookings for May, April. This is force majeure at its most extreme apart from actual war or the world been hit by an asteroid. Hopefully paintball will resume as normal soon.

We have submitted enquiries to government agencies to ascertain if paintball falls within the list of permissible activities that by introducing additional working practices that will meet the safe criteria for covid-19 which will enable us to open our doors again. 

BBC Sport has been told by a Premier League source that unless they are blocked from doing so by the government, the intention is to restart the season as soon as practical from 30 April.

The UK can "turn the tide" on the coronavirus crisis within 12 weeks, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said.

It is hoped that by providing small exclusive bookings, ensuring the 2 meter safe self isolation distance is complied too and additional hygiene practises that the risk will be reduced or eliminated and paintball permitted and sanctioned as a legitimate , safe outdoor activity. Paintball is an outdoor activity, the nature of the game encourages self isolation ...or you get shot !