The last place anyone wants to be during these difficult times with covid-19 is indoors,

You cannot get  more access to fresh air than been outdoors. OUTDOORS is the safest place to be.

Outdoor paintball is perhaps one of the safest activities during these stressful times especially compared to other public INDOOR venues or were people gather for work and recreation

We want you to feel safe and secure so we have redesigned our lobby area by increasing ventilation and the flow of fresh air. We continually review our risk assessment and regularly correspond with East Riding of Yorkshire council HSE.
Our lobby area has been partitioned off so groups now have their own bubble space.
A new one way system is in place which will encourage compliance to social distancing.
Five hand sanitizing stations have been installed.
Each player will be given their own play equipment.
Note: paintball default rules are 
1. No physical contact 
2. No shooting closer than 8 meters
'You either socially distance or you will get shot
3. Players must wear their full face safety goggle.
4. The duration of our rest periods does not exceed the 15 minute covid-19 infection guideline