Terms and conditions




WOOLABALL Is the business /trading name also referred to as 'site' in this document

Booking confirmation: Booking information - acts as receipt, invoice.

Booking: All persons who belong to your party including spectators - Your booking is also personalised and made to order specifically for you. Individual or group tickets can be purchased.

Group booking: Any booking comprised of over two players.

Individual booking: Booking for one person

Organiser: Adult Person over 18 years of age who completes this agreement and ensures full compliance to this agreement.

Adult supervisor: Adult Person/s over 18 years of age who have been appointed by the organiser to supervise their booking.

Confirmation: The point at which confirms you wish use the services of Woolaball by paying a deposit.

Booking Deposit: An agreed non refundable sum of money paid per person or deal to confirm the date of the booking.

Please note - that when customers hand over a deposit they have made a legally binding contract, it doesn't matter whether there is a written agreement or not, and you don't need to have signed anything for the law to take hold.

The basic rule is that a deposit acts as surety for you entering into the contract and effectively guarantees that you will fulfil your side of the bargain. Therefore, if you change your mind and pull out of the deal the supplier is entitled to keep your deposit.

Basic Deal/ Ticket: eg; CRASH, BANG, WOOLAP. A pre purchased tickets that include an amount of discount paintballs that also includes the game fee if applicable.

Bonus Balls: A free gratuity offered by Woolaball paintball { subject to availability, Woolaball reserve the right to issue or refuse bonus balls at any time }

Discount paintballs: Paintballs that are charged at a lower price then the Top line Pay as U Go rate.

Organiser incentive: A form of free gratuity given to organisers on behalf of Woolaball. - usually free paintballs ( subject to availability)

Game fee: A fee charged or included within a deal for all play equipment, and in some cases free paintballs

Force Majeure: literally means "greater force". These clauses excuse a party from liability if some unforeseen event beyond the control of that party prevents it from performing its obligations under the contract. Typically, force majeure clauses cover natural disasters or other "Acts of God", war, or the failure of third parties--such as suppliers and subcontractors--to perform their obligations to the contracting party. It is important to remember that force majeure clauses are intended to excuse a party only if the failure to perform could not be avoided by the exercise of due care by that party.

Cancellation: No Show or Forewarning off a group booking or individual /s confirming that they will be absent from the agreed confirmed day and time

Cancellation Policy explanation: WOOLABALL™ can only allocate places up to its maximum capacity. WOOLABALL™ must prepare the site, buy paintballs for the numbers booked, if 30 people have booked then that is 30 guns that need to be serviced ,gassed up and prepared, 30 goggles to be cleaned ,30 pairs of body armour , overalls and protective snoods to be laundered and prepared. If only 12 people turn up that constitutes a gross waste of time, resources and capital outlay which effects our profitability. Buying paintballs we don't need soaks up our working capital ! paintballs also have a limited shelf life.

Places are allocated on a first come first served basis. When customers book a game of paintball places are then specially reserved. other potential customers may then be turned away.

Failure of customers to cancel within notice or who fail to turn up on the day means WOOLABALL™ has lost the opportunity to reallocate/ rebook those places. This results in lost business and revenue. 'One would not book and pay for a buffet for 20 persons and expect a refund because only 12 people turned up' Your booking usually prevents others from booking at a specific time on a specific date and is therefore subject to a recognised cancellation policy for sporting activity bookings, which is in line with the Distance Selling Regulations issued by the Office of Fair Trading. This means that, once the booking is in place, your right to cancel without penalty ends:

Customers who cancel their booking but wish to defer their confirmed booking to another date may do so at woolaball's discretion and subject to availability (deferral is not guaranteed ) . An administration re-booking charge applies.

No show - Absent players or absent booking

Cooling off period: When you book it usually prevents others from booking at a specific time on a specific date and is therefore subject to a recognised cancellation policy for sporting activity bookings, which is in line with within the Distance Selling Regulations issued by the Office of Fair Trading. This means that, once the booking is in place, your right to cancel without penalty ends:

Low turn out: i.e approximately 40% of total number booked.

WOOLABALL™ also needs to remain in profit and therefore it is essential enough revenue is acquired to justify opening - we will not run at a loss. Therefore if provisional bookings are not confirmed for dates it may be necessary to cancel/postpone game days.

I hope you understand this stance WOOLABALL™ must take concerning its cancellation policy.

We try to be fair and transparent at all times and we think our customer service is second to none.

Additional payments: Game fees, basic deals , food etc any payment for equipment or services that is applicable to your booking

Paintball account: All applicable costs incurred by your booking whilst playing paintball

Late arrival policy: Late arrival means 15 minutes late of gates opening - If you are going to be late please inform WOOLABALL™ as soon as possible.

Unless your booking is an exclusive booking for your party only players from other bookings will be sharing your session. It would not be fair or ethical to keep bookings who have arrived on time waiting for late arrivals. If you are late the main gates will be closed, to gain entry please call 07974630094.

Late entry will be at the total discretion of WOOLABALL™. If the Safety induction process has started and you are late and permitted to play an additional £20 safety induction charge is payable per booking.

A Child - is any human being under the age of 18 years of age.

Full payment includes deposit

Payment - deposit payments will paid via paypal, on the day balance of money owing will be paid in cash.

Low impact paintball - Spring loaded Splat Masters or similar gun that shoot Low impact paintballs up to 100+ feet, at a velocity of 110-140 feet per second. Low impact paintballs are .50 cal ,roughly half the size of regular paintballs. Although there is no age limit for low impact , low impact paintball guns are spring loaded pump action, children under 7 may not be able to pump prime the gun for loading.

Breach of contract - Basically means that one or more of the terms and conditions laid out in a contract has been broken. i.e non payment for a service or not paying on time. i.e failure to comply to the following terms and conditions of this contract may constitute a breach of contract.

Upgrades: This is when a customer expresses a wish or informs WOOLABALL™. they wish to upgrade to a bigger paintball deal i.e from CRASH DEAL TO BANG DEAL TO WOOLAP DEAL.


1. Our preferred minimum age to play low impact paintball/spectate is age 7. For regular paintball it is age 11 year 7. Players younger than 7 will only be permitted to play with special permission from woolaball paintball. Hullpaintball.co.uk. Low impact paintbal.l age limit is 9 years old

2. All children spectators/visitors especially under the age of age 11 must be closely supervised -

3. I understand my booking must be escorted on and off the site by a marshal.

4. That the site gates will be locked for the duration of my booking to prevent unauthorised entry and exit from the site.

5. A paintball session/booking can only be booked and confirmed by a person 18 years old or above.

6. I agree to pay a non refundable deposit ( see definitions )

7. Payment of deposit confirms my booking.

8. All bookings will recieve a booking confirmation (condition 8) i will check the confirmation and booking details and return it to woolaball via email or post ( if sent by post we recommend you obtain a postal receipt as proof of postage ).

If you do not recieve a confirmation then contact woolaball immediately - failiure to return the confirmation will be deemed by woolaball that you have recieved it and fully accept and agree to it

We advise you to bring a copy of your confirmation with you on the day

9. Not including the organisers personal details all entries on the booking form must be made by woolaball

10. I must submit any amendments to my booking to woolaball via e-mail

11. Any/all amendments must be prior agreed, confirmed by woolaball

12. Only entries made on this document will be acknowledged by woolaball

13. Woolaball™ are not liable for customer inaccuracies entered on this form you are strongly urged to keep a safe copy of the agreement and bring a completed copy with you on the day of your booking.

14. Woolaball will only comply/ acknowledge the last booking confirmation sent or received.this confirmation will supersede all previous booking forms & sms text notifications

15. That woolaball may send notifications/updates/changes via sms text message this will be accompanied by a new booking confirmation form. If applicable.

16. I voluntry agree to all the terms & conditions.

17. I may cancel my booking at any time however my deposit and additional game fees already paid will be forfeit ( see definitions - cooling off period )additional payments made will not be refunded in the event of cancellation once the cooling off period has ended.

19. Cancellation once you have paid your deposit your booking ticket is confirmed - you may cancel your booking at anytime however your deposit and all fee paid will be forfiet -in compliance to the recognised cancellation policy for sporting activity bookings, which is in line with the distance selling regulations issued by the office of fair trading. This means that, once the booking is in place, your right to cancel without penalty ends:

21. That if i cancel - my booking may be deferred at woolaballs discretion. Only upon full payment of booking and payment of the rebooking fee will woolaball™ consider a defferrment . (22)

22. An administration re-booking fee of £ 25 or £5 per player (which ever is greater ) is payable to rebook a deferred booking.

23. Late arrival constitutes cancellation -[ late arrival policy ]

24. Arrival time is mandatory

25. Finish time is not mandatory and is approximate - 25(b) when players run out of paintballs and no additional paintballs sales are forthcoming the session will end.

26. Woolaball reserve the right to vary arrival and finish times - usual start time is 9 -9.30am usual finish time is 3.30- 4 pm. Sometimes an extra tea time or evening session will be organised, time will be by arrangment

27. Customers/ spectators / visitors will not be permitted to leave /exit the site before the finish time and without permission off woolaball™

28. If customers/ spectators / visitors wish to prematurely leave clause 3 applies. This will be at the sole discretion of the game marshal. Due to the disruption to business and stoppage time a £ 10 escort fee may be charged.

29. All sessions are booked and confirmed on the understanding that the paintball session is three hours duration ( half day ) full day paintball sessions must be booked and confirmed. Two hours duration for low impact splat master. Clause 25(b) applies.

30. I further understand that should i fail to legally discharge any liability incurred by myself i shall be liable for administrative and legal costs, interest and bank charges.

31. Woolaball operates a zero tolerance policy - woolaball will pursue through the courts and debt collection agencies/sheriffs all unpaid costs and charges regardless of amount even if it means we will suffer a financial loss.

32. If full payment of any paintball deals have been purchased in advance then the organiser may claim those paintballs for those player/s that are absent (please read agreement 6 )

34. The remainder of the bill will be paid in cash -usually upon arrival on the day or at the finish of the session - payment via credit card ,paypal is by prior arrangement only. [ the following cards are accepted. Master card - visa - debit cards -

35. A £ 2 processing fee will be charged for all on site card payments

36. [Business cheque payments will be accepted if accompied by a bankers card[ prior permission must be given to woolaball™ no notice no acceptance of cheque )

37. WOOLABALL™ reserve the right to cancel at short notice especially due to acts of force majeure - 'most common reasons - excessive bad weather, damaged or unsafe play zone due to actions of intruders/trespassers /bad weather, bodily injury, accident,illness, administration error, staffing problems . Woolaball™ also reserve the right to cancel your booking due to non compliance to the booking requests stated in these booking terms and agreements. WOOLABALL™ will refund any deposits or fees already paid or offer an alternative date free of charge. WOOLABALL™ will not be responsible for reimbursing the organiser or any member of the booking for any additional costs due to force majeure.

WOOLABALL also reserve the right to cancel due to low turnout on game days ( please read cancelation policy explanation ) deposits will not be returned for low turn out. However if full payment has been received the session will go ahead.

38. Woolaball will only guarantee availability for confirmed players

39. WOOLABALL™ reserve the right to vary start & finish times other than agreed based upon customer demand or force majeure

40. All paintball deals must be booked on the confirmation form.

41. If i do not understand the terms/definitions of any WOOLABALL™ voucher , promotion ,offer it is my responsibility to obtain clarification from WOOLABALL™ .

42. WOOLABALL™ vouchers or promotion offers are not redeemable for cash i.e a voucher for a free 100 paintballs cannot be cashed in or exchanged for the current pay as you go price for 100 paintballs.

43. It is the responsibility of each customer to claim their light meals on the day [ if applicable) free soup & roll is available for full day booking only.

44. Light meals must be booked in advance using the menu sheet [players will be offered 50 paintballs or a full refund if meals are unavailable if payment for meals has been received) bookings that purchase food from a food provider do so with the understanding that woolaball are not responsible for content/quality/ risk or harm caused by consuming such food. Recource should be directed towards the food supplier.

45. That it is my responsibility to make sure the total bill for my booking [ all persons] is paid in full.

46. I will under no circumstances leave the site without paying my bill and without the permission of the site manager.

47. I agree i will be responsible for all unpaid paintball charges,cancelations and purchases for my booking.

48. I will be issued an itemised bill on the day for all paintball expenses for my booking and it is

My responsibility to collect all money's and pay the total sum direct to woolaball paintballs representative .

It is also my responsibility to monitor/check my bookings 'spend'/ 'paintballs used/accepted via the tally sheet

WOOLABALL™ will not be held responsible for any bookings/players over spend. Paintballs/sundries will only ever be issued if they are requested.

It is my responsibiliy to inform WOOLABALL™ to 'cap'/limit the amount of paintballs issued to my booking. To ensure and confirm to WOOLABALL™ which paintball deal i have booked (to present my confirmation ). Also i understand it is my responsibility to ensure members of my booking can pay their paintball bill. In addition i understand and confirm i will be responsible to pay woolaball™ any outstanding balance of money owed from my booking.

I understand that all paintballs; individual and group crash,bang,woolap deals including low impact are minimun deals and that my booking or members of my booking can purchase additional paintballs or upgrade to a bigger deal ( subject to approval)

49. Woolaball do not accept individual payments unless by prior agreement.

50. I agree for my payment card to be charged for my paintball account if i leave the woolaball site without paying.

51. That all players/visitors must arrive on site with a fully completed parental informed consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian - no form no play

52. It is advised [ not mandatory] all persons between the ages of 14 -17 years be supervised by a responsible adult over 18 years of age. Please remember the organiser is responsible for all children placed in their care.

53. A parental supervisor is required for players under the age of 14 years. Or any booking that includes any females under the age of 18 years.

54. It is the responsibility of myself & appointed supervisors to safely police and ensure all members of my booking fully comply with all site safety and game rules however communicated by woolaball site staff. (woolaball advise all parental supervisors to familiarise themselves with child protection guidelines https://www.nspcc.org.uk/inform/cpsu/helpandadvice/organisations/childprotection/childprotectionpolicy_wda60690.html#good_practice_guidelines ">https://www.nspcc.org.uk/inform/cpsu/helpandadvice/organisations/childprotection/childprotectionpolicy_wda60690.html#good_practice_guidelines )

55. Woolaball do not provide a translation/ interpreter service. Its is my sole responsibility to provide translation / interpreter service and pay all costs incurred for any members of my booking.

56. It is my responsibility to ensure all non english speaking members of my booking understand the site safety and game rules and informed consent.

57. I understand it is my responsibility to forward all information issued to me by woolaball to all members of my booking. Failure to do so may constitute contributory negligence on my part.

58. My appointed supervisors must be a responsible adult/s who have been vetted by myself - all supervisors must be fully conversant with the parental/informed consent and booking form

59. The organiser incentive free paintballs [if applicable] works on the principle 'use them or loose them'. They will only be issued to the organiser upon request. The organiser must claim the organiser incentive upon arrival. The organiser incentive cannot be claimed once the session has begun or finished. The organiser incentive cannot be redeemed for cash or the cash value /equivalent deducted off the bill ,the organiser incentive is a free gratuity awarded to the organiser from woolaball. The organiser incentive is based upon the actual number of players present on site not booked.

60. It is a mandatory requirment that all adult players / visitors and spectators who wish to enter the site must enter their details on the ' group arrival form ' and present this to the marshal upon arrival at the main gate. Alternativley all adult players / visitors and spectators can sign up at the gate.

61. It is a mandatory requirment that all adult and child players sign an informed consent /parental informed consent / pre play agreement.

62. If i park on WOOLABALL™ vehicle hard standing area i fully understand it is at my own risk and take full responsibility for any damage to or any theft from my vehicle.

63. I understand a £ 5 admission fee is charged for spectators and applies for standing room only all spectators must give up their seats for players

64. I understand that woolaball paintball cannot guarrentee admission for spectators on the day as space may be limited.

65. I understand it is essential to receive entry permission for all spectators before admission will be granted.

66. Organiser, parental supervisors entrance is free. One organiser/supervisor per 10 children

67. As the organiser i agree to share this information and other information however communicated to members of my booking.

68. I understand my booking must comply with all signage and must not under any circumstances proceed beyond any barriers and onto the site without seeking permission off the duty marshal first.

69. All paintball vouchers/ gift certificates issued will be honoured upto the expiry date specified on the voucher - woolaball retain a copy of all vouchers issued to prevent fraudulent use. Only official, valid and signed vouchers/ gift certificates will be accepted. All vouchers/ gift certificates must be presented to the woolaball representitive upon arrival to the site main gate. No voucher no entry. Altered or defaced vouchers/ gift certificates will be void and not accepted

70. As organiser it is my responsibility to check all parental consent forms/counter sign them as correct and inform woolaball game manager at the main gate if any parent has made an entry in 'additional information.

71. All persons on site will sign a declaration that they fully understand the safety induction briefing

72. All bookings will recieve a booking confirmation (condition 8) if you do not recieve a confirmation then contact woolaball immediately - failiure to return the confirmation will be deemed by woolaball that you have recieved it and fully accept it ( all our confirmations are saved in our sent folder )

73. Woolaball will keep your contact details on file (for our use only ) until such a time we recieve written notification from you to remove them - woolaball will use these details to forward you special deals and offers only.

74. If my booking is self caterering i.e ( bring your own food,bbq, stoves etc ) my booking fully absolve woolaball of all liability what so ever concerning any accident, injury or illness however to my booking or third party caused by my bookings self caterering activities - woolaball advise my booking possess sufficent training, food preperation & hygene qualifications and obtain liability insurance. I also fully understand that my booking will be required to remove off site all self catering facilities and waste products and materials ( rubbish/garbage ) a storage charge and disposal fee may be applicable for non compliance.

75. Paintball is an all weather activity sport - barring clause 37 play will commence as stated.

76. Organisers are expected to print off all applicable paperwork from the email attachments. Hardcopies sent via royal mail to organisers will incur a postage charge.

77. Bonus balls will only be awarded if 'all members' of your booking arrive on site to play or if full payment have been received. The booking will not receive bonus balls for no show players and deferred bookings

78. Open and closing times are subject to the availability of quality daylight and maybe varied at woolaball's discretion.

79. Full payment includes deposit.

80. I understand should i cancel i will be liable to repay and pay all paypal charges already incurred by woolaball https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/paypal-fees

81. All children under the age of 18 years must arrive on site with a signed parental informed consent form, this form must be signed by a parent (with parental responsibility or legal guardian.

82. Children or bookings who do not arrive on site with signed parental informed consent forms will not be permitted entry onto the site furthermore -this will also constitute cancellation and forfeit of deposit and fees paid.

83. It is my responsibility to ensure i claim/use all the paintballs i have pre-purchased , pre-ordered for my booking. That woolaball operates a 'use them or loose' them policy. That it is my responsibility to check and verify my paintball tally for my booking. That paintballs not used or claimed cannot be deducted from my final bill even if that bill includes additional paintball purchases.

84. I understand that paintballs included in all deals are discounted paintballs and the discount price is bespoke to the applicable deal. - additional pay as you go paintballs are priced accordingly at a retail price.

86. Non payment / late payment of paintball expenses - the credit/default period to pay your bill is the day of your booking - all balances must be paid on arrival or at the finish of the session clauses 34,48. Charges and interest will be calculated from the time your booking is scheduled to finish. "we understand and will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms."

Late payment of commercial debts (interest) act 1998, late payment of commercial debts regulations 2002

87. Paintballs are issued in approximate amounts/numbers via hopper -approximate 200 paintballs, 100 shot pod - approximate 100 paintballs, 50 shot pod - approximate 50 paintballs, handfull - approximate 15- 20 paintballs . You agreed to accept paintballs as approximate. You understand and agree that it would not be practical to count out each and every paintball, that woolaball will use the manufactures level/volume marks as guidance when filling. ( i.e if a manufacturer states a 100 shot pod holds 100 paintballs , it should hold 100 paintballs). You further understand woolaball cannot be held responsible for complying to manufacturers inaccurate statements.

88. All paintballs issued to customers are issued in good condition and fit for the purpose. Woolaball is not liable for any broken or damaged paintballs once these paintballs have been received by the customer.

89. Blockages and damage to guns from paintballs that have been picked up off the floor and placed in the hopper will incur a £5 maintenance/ stripping down charge

90. All group bookings must be paid in full. (see definitions ) deposit + balance remaining on game fee = full payment (unless otherwise stated by woolaball ) - please remember you are paying for a group booking not individual bookings. The group booking deal is for 2 -10 players, places will be reserved for the number of players confirmed -i.e if you booked 7 places, 7 places and only 7 places will be reserved. The total paintballs for the deal will be divided equally ( or as near as ) between those players confirmed who attend. Booking a group deal 2 -10 players does not entitle you to add more players than you confirmed. 2 -10 players is a min and max number

100. Limousine service is provided by a separate company 'liberty limos' booking the limo service will be subject to the booking terms and conditions of liberty limo's. Woolaball / hullpaintball.co.uk is not liable for any losses for the failure of the limousine to show (eg mechanical breakdown, driver illness, wrong pick up/ drop off details ) . In the event of no show any fees already paid for the limo service will be refunded.

101. Deposits must be paid within 24 hours if paid via paypal - unless otherwise agreed by woolaball. If deposits have not beeb paid witjin 24 hours via paypal please re confirm availability with woolaball before making your payments. If payments have been made after the 24 hour period. You the customer will be liable to pay all transaction charges applicable to a pay back/refund

102. Please read these terms and conditions before making any payment - making a payments means you agree to woolaball's terms and conditions -terms and conditions can be viewed on our website ( wwwhullpaintball.co.uk) or send to you via email.

103. Upgrades - upgrading your deal booked to a bigger deal - upgrades are binding verbal agreements, players or organisers must inform woolaball™. That they want an upgrade before the start of the session. Upgrades may sometimes also be requested and accepted once the session has started.

Once WOOLABALL™ have been informed a player or booking has been upgraded the instruction is binding and cannot be reversed if paintballs have been accepted. WOOLABALL™ upgrades are subject to approval. WOOLABALL™reserve the right to reject any request for an upgrade.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this e-mail together with any attachments is confidential and is intended solely for the use of the intended recipient(s). If you are not the intended recipient you must not use, disclose, distribute, copy, print, or rely on this e-mail. If you are not the intended recipient please advise the sender by return e-mail and delete all copies of this message and any attachments from your systems. Any opinions expressed in this e-mail are those of the individual and not necessarily the business.

WOOLABALL uses anti-virus software but accepts no liability for any damage which may be caused by any virus transmitted by this e-mail or any attachments hereto. Please note that this e-mail has been created in the knowledge that Internet e-mail is not a completely secure method of communication. You should understand and accept this lack of security when communicating by e-mail.

Wet weather warning !!! Remember woolaball is an outdoor paintball venue if the ground conditions are wet/ muddy and slippery - the choice of footwear is your decision however we recommend you wear sturdy footwear with good tread/grip and ankle support or studded footwear - training shoes & plimsoles footwear with no or little tread, smooth soled low profile footwear is not recommended during wet/muddy/frosty weather. Customer choice of footwear will not be challenged however any injury or accident may constitute contributory negligence by the player/s ,players parents/legal guardians, spectators or visitors.

Dear Parent/Guardian. WOOLABALL™ / HULL PAINTBALL.CO.UK™ treats the health and safety of all participants as a priority. 

A child is any person under the age of 18 years of age. We would be grateful if you would, read, complete and sign the consent form below. This form must accompany your child and be handed in on arrival at the main gate of the site or your child will be refused entry onto the site - no form no play.

Do you have any more questions? Do not hesitate to contact us