Walk Ons

Walk-ons paintball
Walk-ons paintball

Got your own gun ? Walk on players welcome click prices for info

Air & co2 gas bottle refills contact us for details

WALK ON'S are welcome to join in with our recballers.

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Walk on players are - players with own equipment

Recball - general public - players without own equipment


1. You must possess all your own equipment

2. All your equipment must be designed for paintball

3. Your gun must be chronographed to 260 fps i.e 20 below site guns ( only applies if you are joining in on a recball session )

4. Your gun must shoot semi automatic only ( pump action ok )

5. All multi shot, ramping, full automatic capabilities to be turned off

6 Barrel plug or socks must be used

7. All air/co2 tanks must be in test

8. Your own paintballs must be oil free if byo ! (call us to confirm)