Combat 'rental' paintball

Combat paintball
Combat paintball

Combat paintball is an all weather 'extreme' sporting activity. Played in teams the idea is to accomplish the mission or task. You accomplish the mission or task by eliminating the other team by splatting them with paintballs fired from your gun.

Combat paintball - .68 cal paintball, semi automatic, 200 shot paintball gun, 280 fps. 

Combat paintball i.e rental paintbal - rental is a term that means players rent their equipment off Hull Paintball.

Hull Paintball site is affiliated to the UKPBA United Kingdom Paintball Association and Hull & East Riding Paintball Sports Federation. (TBA )

We are a fully insured, indepenent adventure - combat paintball arena that specialises in affordable paintballing for groups aged 11 years old to adult and low impact paintball aged 7 years old to adult.

Your kit for combat paintball

  • 200 shot semi automatic paintball gun
  • Full face, ear, eye protection (goggle)
  • Protective snood (optional)
  • Coveralls Coveralls (optional)
  • Free body armour (optional)
  • Free gas propellant (optional)

(please go to FAQ for more info on min age)

*Note: children aged to 16 years must be accompanied by at least one supervising adult, who must remain on site at all times!

Does Combat Paintball Hurt and is it Dangerous?

Combat Paintball is not dangerous game. It all depends on where, how close and how much clothing you're wearing. Some times you won't feel a thing. Worst-case scenario is it's like been flicked with a very wet towel. As with any 'adrenaline' sport 'especially one that involves firing projectiles combat paintball does involve a degree of risk & danger, however this is why paintball is exciting and fires up the adrenaline. As long the safety equipment is worn and the site rules and marshals instructions are obeyed then the danger is minimal.

Play a minimum 8-10 games in our 3 hours session, 15 -20 games in our 6 hour session. We do not pack out your day with long rest periods or long walks between play zones.

Most of our paintball games are Unlimited life's (re-spawn)

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