THE FIRE PIT – £40 + £5 per person

2-5 hours ( extensions can be arranged) £40 set up fee- this includes fire preparation, fire lighting, 1 x bag of coal. + £5 per person – 20 maximum – 

We use wood to start the fire and then burn coal. Coal gives off more heat, creates a nice red glow, No smoke and lasts much much longer. Once the coal is alight and glowing it will last hours.

*You are welcome to bring your own bags of coal and wood and logs as long as there are no nails, screws, staples or metal, no hedge cuttings. No green/ garden waste. *

You can pre purchase a ton bag of wood for £25 , 

Ton bag of Briquettes £ . 

 Extra 10kg bags of coal are £12. or 50 kg bag of smokeless coal £45 ( must be ordered). 

10kg of coal per fire 2 <> hours for 40 cm diameter small fire 

15- 20kg of coal per fire 2 <> hours for 60cm diameter medium fire

20kg + of coal per 2 <> fire hours for 100cm diameter large fire

You are welcome to bring your own food and drink but you must take home all your rubbish and litter


YOU COOK & PREPARE: Premium hot dog pack – £40 ( only £4 per hot dog) Prime Bockwurst sausages x 10 x 6" ,fresh baguettes, ketchup, mustard, onions, pan for onions, pan for hotdogs. 

£48 ( only £3 per hot dog ) prime x 16 jumbo hot dogs, fresh baguettes, ketchup, mustard, onions, pan for onions, pan for hotdogs.


SELF CATERING: NO CHARGE – all we ask is you take home all your rubbish/litter and clean any pans and cookery ( we will clean pans and cookery for only £10)  

We have a very large banquet picnic table and four other four seat picnic tables to use

MANDATORY NOTICE: Only paper/cardboard/wood and coal can be burnt in the fire pit –Strictly no plastic, foam polystyrene, petrol, oil, any flammable substance or liquids. 

No foraging wood is permitted from the woodland - Our woodland is for wildlife, the woodland is a wildlife habitat. 

Subject to suitability and permission guests may walk along our woodland track 

The fire pit is free to cabin and camping guests baring the set up fee if required - all the above conditions apply*