We also provide services for: Personal Training-Heath & Fitness

Personal training
Personal training

Delivered by a fully qualified, insured and experienced personal trainer /coach. Registered with REPS and CIMSPA. 

Over 45 years active participation in structured training. 

26 years coaching experience, 

17 years qualified personal training experience.

Whether its weight/fat loss, fitness, strength, activity or Boxing skills and conditioning we can help you accomplish your goals.

We provide 121 and group training.

boot camp, boxing fitness, circuits


A popular activity to be enjoyed by all. 


Our woodland fire pit is a great venue for gatherings or cozy couples. With surround , two level seating we can accommodate up to 20 guests. BBQ facilities available and our massive rustic banquet table.


A great cozy timber cabin situated within woodland. This is a cabin and not a pimped up garden shed or hut. Small kitchette, shower room and chill area. Can sleep a maximum of 8 guests

RAZOR Obstacle/fitness circuit
RAZOR Obstacle/fitness circuit

RAZOR Obstacle/fitness circuit


Delivered by a fully qualified, insured and experienced personal trainer /coach. Registered with CIMSPA.

This activity is a very high octane, cardio blast. Sprint, run, jog, walk around a 500 meter circuit with 25 different obstacles that provide exercise 40 stations 

Purposely designed to perform laps. Supervised by fully qualified and experienced personal trainers. GREAT FOR 'CAP' ( condition and prep ) for the big Mud based events, military preparation training, 

Great for personal fitness/pleasure - groups- sports teams/clubs - charity runners.


First introduced here at the OTTY activity center. This is our version of tradition dodgeball and ball tag. Pelting balls at each while crying with laughter is a great activity, a great cardio hit. I is a lot of fun and a great workout.



Our woodland sauna hire is located in a great private, secluded area. surrounded by trees and nature. have a sauna then jump into our cold plunge pool or take a cold shower. our sauna can accommodate parties of up to 6-8 people in the sauna. larger parties may book on the understanding that users take it in turn to enter the sauna.


Our woodland area is also a great location for those who wish to practice their prepping and survival skills




Paintball fitness sessions.

Delivered by a fully qualified, insured and experienced personal trainer /coach. Registered with REPS and CIMSPA. Over 42 years active participation in structured training. 26 years coaching experience, 17 years qualified personal training experience.

Bored with going to the gym, same workout, same environment, same monotony, lack of variety and interest; tedious repetition and routine ?

Hit a plateau ? Need some active rest ? Need to re-motivate ? Want to add some variety into your weekly routine ?

Running, jogging, crawling, climbing, jumping and shooting at other players makes for a great workout...an enjoyable workout !

Combine this with a structured full body workout and you have a double HIT session.

A great cardio, endurance activity

Wearing goggles and carrying a gun adds to the intensity. Increase the intensity by wearing a weighted vest.

Also try 'Tin Pan Alley' this an intense target shoot circuit.

10 - 20 targets placed at specific points, the objective is to run to each shooting station , shoot the target then proceed onto the next station. This is a great cardio activity.

If you seriously want to get fitter, loose weight, get into shape, de-stress, burn calories the Paintballacise is the activity for you 

Bespoke workouts  to suit the needs, goals and requirements of the individual , group or team can be developed.


Our traditional wood burner hot tub imported from Lithuania can accommodate 8 bathers.

Then jump into our great plunge pool

Large 8 person wood burner hot tub


We have an archery target available to exclusively hire for those with their own equipment 

Night paintball game
Night paintball game

Night Paintball games

We are the only paintball site in the region that provides night games under flood lights 

Paintball for male & female scouting movements/ military cadets/ Duke of E/ boys brigade
Paintball for male & female scouting movements/ military cadets/ Duke of E/ boys brigade

Paintball for scouts/cubs/guides/brownies/army, sea, air cadets/ Duke of Edinburgh /Boys Brigade and more....

It is important for Scout groups to view paintballing as source for outdoor activities and team building exercises, as there are very few sports around as accessible and indiscriminatory as paintballing. Whatever your age or ability, paintballing welcomes players to try their best, encourage and inspire others to do so and help build confidence that can be taken into other walks of life.

Team building, bonding, comradeship
Team building, bonding, comradeship

Paintball has long been recognised as an excellent activity to promote team building, bonding, comradeship within the workplace. Whether its a corporate booking or a group of employees organising for themselves paintball is an activity that ticks all the boxes for a great , fun , exciting day out.  ' A change is as good as a rest' they say.  A shared paintball experience is an amazing, uplifting, energising, motivating tonic and the benefits in the workplace will become evident.


 - Our site is available to rent for all  Private or public functions Weddings, Birthdays, Conferencing, Meetings, Presentations, Entertainment, Live acts, Mini festivals, Religious, political, cultural gatherings, Open air performances. Enquires to 07974630094