COVID-19 coronavirus

Mask from coronavirus
Mask from coronavirus

Coronavirus COVID-1

Hi customer/client

Hull paintball site main priority is to keep customers safe, our ethic has always been placing people over profit never profit over people. Your safety IS IMPORTANT TO US. 

Obviously any player who exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 then they do not attend or play paintball

NHS UK state the people most at risk of COVID -19 coronavirus are those;

  1. Are 70 and older
  2. Have a long term condition

  3. Are pregnant

  4. Have a weakened immune system

If you are aged below 70, fit and healthy then playing paintball with close friends , colleagues and family could be an option. 

The vast majority of our paintballers are well below the age of 70 , most are aged 7 - 40. 

Until the government introduces restrictions or tells us to close our doors we will remain open for customers. However ALL BOOKINGS WILL NOW BE EXCLUSIVE so only you and your friends will have the whole site to yourselves. We have also introduced additional hygiene precautions. We feel People are still sharing public transport, rubbing shoulders in supermarkets, within the work place, petrol stations, retail outlets, walking along streets...… so why not play paintball ?

First and foremost we wish everyone to stay safe, healthy and free from Covid-19

First we do not recommend any person who is ill or carrying an injury to participate in paintball, all players sign an informed consent confirming that they are fit and able to play paintball.

Paintball is an outdoor activity, lots of fresh air, sunshine/daylight and involves walking , jogging, running, crawling, climbing, ducking, dodging weaving about i.e a great exercise...exercise that can get the blood pumping. Paintball is also great fun, its exciting and promotes laughter. Having a good time works wonders for your health.


  2. Paintball involves teams or individuals shooting paintballs at one another from a distance no closer than 8 meters. The nature of the game ensures physical contact is minimal i.e 8 meters.
  3. Players will be issued with their own protective goggle which covers and provides paintball protection for the eyes, ears and face. This goggle is not shared with other players and remains exclusive to the player.

  4. Our paintball guns are disinfected after each game so players will only pick up a clean gun. Each player is issued their own gun which has to be stored on its own individual numbered rack.Players are also encouraged to wear their own gloves, rent or purchase site gloves. Our rental site gloves are laundered after each session.

  5. Players can also wear site coveralls or their own play clothing - clothing provides a barrier for skin to skin contact or droplets. All our coveralls are laundered after each session.

  6. Our goggles are disinfected before and after the session then stored until the next session usually the weekend after - well over the 72 hours survival rate on contaminated surfaces. ( paintball is predominantly a weekend activity, however we possess enough goggle systems so multiple bookings and clients will always be provided with their own clean , disinfected goggle)

  7. All our seating, tables, hard surfaces and toilet is sprayed with a bleach solution before the session commences. Additional spray cleaner is available in the toilets.

  8. We also have our 'Hand dip' so players can regularly sanitize their hands and dry them off with blue roll.

  9. Our safe zone has three separate communal areas which significantly reduces any congestion and permits players to maintain a 2 meter distance ( personal space ) as recommended public health England if need be. 

  10. Furthermore our rest periods are no longer than 10 minutes so exposure to other people is also well within the 15 minute public health England guideline for covid-19 to spread.

There is a lot of news circulating about to stay not to contract it..self isolation ....washing hands etc and etc. But there is not a lot of information about what we can do as individuals to strengthen our bodies, boost our own immune system that may prevent, reduce and help safeguard our bodies from illness.

Not only do I manage a paintball site I am also a fully qualified mature,experienced personal trainer. Within the same area as the paintball site I run a fit camp. As a personal trainer my task is not just to assist clients get physically fitter and healthier or reduce body weight/ composition it is also to help them, guide them towards a healthier lifestyle. To provide alternatives and advice etc. I believe prevention is important.. be prepared, get prepared i.e prepare your bodies to combat illness and disease. Correct nutrition from natural supplementation and food, exercise, fresh air and sunlight, maintain a healthy gut, reduce exposure to toxins , happiness, excitement laughter contribute to a positive mental/physical attitude and all contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Everyone has it within their power to tick most of the boxes mentioned, remember " only you can better yourself, no one will do it for you" in other words only you can make the decision to act and change your lifestyle choices.

Ok, so how can playing paintball help ? in the coming months it appears restrictions will be introduced that limit our recreation options . People will be looking for safer alternatives, alternatives that do not involve excessive close physical contact, rubbing shoulders with strangers, sharing close breathing space, and quite rightly so because any such activities pose a greater risk of infection. But we are human beings we cannot just lock ourselves away. There are sporting activities that promote individual participation like golf, rock climbing, racket sports, bat and ball sports etc but team activities and sports there are few, especially activities were you can share your excitement with your close friends and family.

Now there is no 100% guarantee that any sport or activity will prevent any person contracting illness, all we can do is choose our sports and activities carefully so we can eliminate, reduce or lower the probable risk. This assessment is a personal choice. Walking on the street, rubbing shoulders, congested supermarkets, public transport, works canteens and class rooms....sharing air!!  I allege poses more risk than paintball ( this is my own personal view)

Obviously if any player exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 then they do not attend paintball

Perhaps our main advantage over our very large competitors who can accommodate 100's of players is we specialise in providing paintball for small to medium sized groups. Our play area and facilities cater for 2 up to a maximum 40 players. This permits us to limit congestion, to structure our games better, marshal our games better and provide better more efficient cleaning and maintenance of our goggles and guns on the day... 'Provide that personal touch'

Another bonus is we can also offer exclusive paintball sessions i.e just for your group.

The duration of these sessions can be a minimum of 1 hour up to a maximum of 6 hours actual play time. 

The choice is yours, we do encourage you to keep updated with news on covid-19 , assess risk and make an informed decision whether paintball is your activity of choice. 

Exercising is an extremely effective activity to do to prevent a cold, as it can improve your body's ability to fight infection.

"Exercise leads to an increase in natural killer cells, neutrophils and monocytes, which ultimately increases immune function," Ather Ali, ND, MPH, assistant director of Complementary/Alternative Medicine Research at the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center

Fresh air and sunlight promotes good health


Defend Your Immune System ..exercise regular