Low Impact Paintball at Hull Paintball Site: Unlimited Paintballs means Unlimited



Our promise- We will not pack out your session with long rest periods or use stalling tactics to reduce the amount of paintballs you use like we alledge some sites do. All for just £250 Up to 10 players. Read more:

  • Unlimited paintballs 
  • Unlimited games 
  • Unlimited life's ( re- spawn) 
  • Unlimited fun 
  •  Most players use in excess of 500 paintballs on our unlimited session 
  • Pump action shot gun style guns 
  • 100 paintball magazine 
  • Safety goggles 
  • Big savings

So you get the benefit of unlimited paintballs our games are re-spawn (unlimited life). We alledge some low impact paintball sites will pack your day out with long rest periods, lots of elimination games were players get shot once then sit out until another game begins and other stalling tactics to limit and control the amount of paintballs that are used. We consider this unethical. See all our prices