& personal training

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Delivered by a fully qualified, insured and experienced personal trainer /boxing coach. Registered with CIMSPA.

Over 46 years active participation in structured training.

26 years coaching experience,

17 years qualified personal training experience.

Whether its weight/fat loss, fitness, strength, activity or Boxing skills and conditioning we can help you accomplish your goals.

We provide 121 and group training.

boot camp, boxing fitness, circuits 

Neils boot camp is very bespoke. It includes the generic boot camp disciples like tyre flips, free body exercises, sand bag carries, shuttles, resistance bands /weights, dexterity tyres, slam ball, punch pads , mini hurdles, tyre slams  etc HOWEVER we also have our very own unique boot camp stations that are not available any where else. TYRE PULL, TYRE HOIST, CANNON BALL RUN, TYRE PUSH, BATTLE ROPES, FIREMANS POLE , HORIZONTAL MONKEY BARS, POLE CLIMB, TYRE DEADLIFT CARRY

One hour duration. You can join in on our regular boot camps for £8 or book your  BOOK your own exclusive boot camp for £40 for 4 campers, each additional camper is £8

We don't train with reps we train to time. This ensures our campers reach overload. A strong camper could easily curl more reps than a weaker camper, but perform 30 seconds of curls and both strong and weak will reach overload. 

You the camper determines your workout intensity.